Unknowingly buying a counterfeit online sucks.

We help brands protect their customers from purchasing counterfeits online.

“So when a consumer clicks on our trust badge it automatically shows that our product and the retailer selling it is legit…
wow, that’s cool!”

– VP of Branding, Stealth Client in Activewear Clothing Space

Counterfeit Products Are a HUGE Problem

$1 Trillion

how much counterfeiting costs brands every year


of counterfeits are unknowingly purchased online


of counterfeiting victims blame the brand for not doing more to prevent counterfeit sales

Current Solutions Can’t Keep Up With The Growth of Counterfeiting

The majority of current solutions are focused on stopping the selling of counterfeits. At Avowow we believe there also needs to be a solution that prevents consumers from buying counterfeits.

Numerous technologies exist for when a consumer is shopping in a physical store. What is missing is an online solution where consumers can verify, before the purchase, the authenticity of a brand’s products and the retailer selling them. Avowow has built this solution!

Stop The Selling of Counterfeits

Expensive & time-consuming solutions involving AI crawling the Internet, lawyers, law enforcement & the courts.




Private Investigations

Store Inspection

Shipping Inspection

Law Enforcement

AI Monitoring

Machine Learning

Image Recognition

Legal Takedown

Stop The Buying of Counterfeits

Physical solutions do not work with online ecommerce purchases.




Hologram Labels

QR Codes


Packaging Scans

Trust Badges

Authorized Product Codes

API Whitelist

Blockchain Integration

The Solutions

We provide brands a simple way to verify, to their online customers,
the authenticity of their products and the retailer selling them.

How eAvow Works

Want to see eAvow in action?

Our Customers See a High ROI
Avowow recaptures customers & revenue that is currently being lost to counterfeits.

Avowow helps brands show consumers & retailers that they are serious about preventing the sale of counterfeits.

Avowow helps stop “grey” market sellers by verifying not only the product being sold but the seller as well.

Avowow provides brands with real-time analytics of their authorized dealer channel.

Avowow provides a 100% open API allowing our solution and the data it creates to be embedded into any current 3rd party application (ex. counterfeit monitoring solutions).

Avowow helps brands relax, safe in the knowledge that we are helping to prevent their customers from buying counterfeits online.

About Us


Solving The Problem of Trust Online


Avowow was founded by three Veterans, an Army Medic, a Marine, and an Airman. The US Military instilled in all three a strong belief in trust and justice, forming the core values of Avowow and the products we create.

Mike Stemple: CEO/CVO

  • 4 startup exits within 7 years

  • Award-winning serial entrepreneur & mentor
  • Over 12k students taking his online courses on building startups
  • Army Veteran, Mentor @ Techstars, Past EIR @ Molson Coors & TWE

Demetrios Kontizas: CTO

  • 20 years of software development experience
  • Expertise in SaaS, voice, AR, iOS/Android, & machine learning
  • Worked with Epson, Marine Corps, Solar Turbines, Mazda, Qualcomm, Taylor Guitars, ThermoFischer, Dexcom, and many more.
  • Marine Veteran, Skydiver, Harley Davidson Rider

Russell Reid: VP Engineering

  • 10 years of software development experience
  • Expertise in Full Stack Eng., Cloud Arch, AWS, GCP, and DevOps
  • Noteworthy projects: UFC for Android TV, Mazda NA Intranet, Mazda USA, Marine Corps. E-commerce: Nobull, Brixton, Untuckit, UpWest
  • Air Force Veteran, Skydiver, Harley Davidson Rider


We have created a robust yet simple to implement solution that delivers “trust-on-demand”. Do you want to offer your existing customers the eAvow solution? We would love to talk with you!


We are interested in partnering with:

  • existing anti-counterfeit solution providers
  • marketplaces grappling with government regulations around counterfeiting
  • licenses or other intellectual property holders
  • government regulators
  • any partners wanting to leverage the eAvow solution alongside existing services



At Avowow we believe open solutions are the best solutions. As such we have implemented a robust API that allows programmatic access to eAvow functionality and data.

We are interested in working with developers who want to embed eAvow functionality & data into their existing solutions. Curious to learn more?

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